01 → Peri Beyond the Limits

Rexona (Degree) + Manchester City, 2022.

72% of youngsters give up sports during childhood. To keep this dream alive, the traditional graffiti art featuring the player Gabriel Jesus in the community had their faces replaced by those of children from Peri, to inspire them to challenge their limits just like Gabriel himself did.

02 → Rice of Glory

Super Extra Rice, 2024.

A Willy Wonka golden ticket in the shape of a grain of rice.  Find it in the thousands of grains that come in a regular pack, and win amazing prizes. Find it, whatever the cost.

03 → Amazon Desert Rally Vivo + Stock Car + IPAM, 2024.

Approximately 47% of the Amazon Rainforest is projected to enter an irreversible degradation trajectory. If that happens, the Branco River and many others could become deserts. And where there's a desert, there's a rally.

04 → Amarelinha's Rescue

Brahma, 2022.

Since 2017, the Brazilian national team jersey has become a political symbol. To restore the original meaning of the 'amarelinha' (yellow jersey), we've launched a movement for all Brazilians to once again take pride in this shirt.

05 → When Palmeiras Arises

Puma, 2022.

In 1942, the football team 'Palestra Itália' was forced to change its name to Palmeiras. In its debut, it won the State championship in what became known as the Heroic Rise. Since then, every time it steps onto the field, it's like the whole world pauses for a minute.

06 → Brahmosidade's Paint

Brahma, 2022.

Painting the streets is a Brazilian tradition during the World Cup. Brahma partnered with one of the largest paint brands in Brazil to launch a special edition can without beer: featuring the colors of Brazil.

07 → Channel Swap

Rexona (Degree), 2021.

It’s kind of obvious: when you get nervous, you sweat. So, to demonstrate the effectiveness of Rexona Clinical (Degree), we made Brazil’s biggest YouTubers swap channels. Each one used the product and took on the responsibility of the other, doing what they weren't used to, in front of millions of followers.

08 → Dupla Malte

Brahma, 2023.

In Brazil, good things come in pairs. To celebrate the pair of malts in the Brahma Duplo Malte beer, we brought the biggest solo artists together to form the *second* best pair in Brazil.

09 → Tropical Essence

Devassa, 2022.

Even though it makes up the vast majority of the Brazilian population, black skin has always been a significant minority in brand communications. To provide the proper representation to those who truly represent our people, Devassa paid tribute to the art and culture of black Brazil.

10 → Comeback Calendar

Ford, 2016.

Truck drivers spend most of their lives away from their household. So we created a calendar toy that shows more than just dates; it detects the location of the truck driver using their cell phone's GPS. When they are on their way back home, the calendar notifies their kids of their return.

11 → EnergyBBDO

EnergyBBDO, 2018.

The first visual identity and brand design for EnergyBBDO Brazil.